The Estate of Bob Crane and I both worked closely with Carol and Linda, and immeasurably appreciate all of the hard work and dedication they put into this book. The only truthful and accurate account of my dad's life. ... I need to say it again. You are amazing. Thank you. Much love. —Scott Crane, son

I totally back their book and feel honored on my dad’s behalf that they invested so much time and thoughtfulness into getting the truth out about his life. Awesomeness to the max! Thank you from myself and my dear dad. —Karen Crane, daughter

The family really appreciates what you’re doing for Bobby. We sure do. Bobby was just a big teddy bear. He was; he was a big teddy bear, and everybody loved him, and they didn’t want to hear any bad things. Strange, people probably think he walked around with horns sticking out of his head, but he was a good guy. —Jim Senich, cousin

The mountain you seek to climb, though admirable, is formidable. I applaud you for your quest, but the media does not want to hear what you have to say. You know that already, so you will not be disappointed with the response that you receive. The quest is for you, so blessings on you through it all. —Reverend Edward Beck, addiction counselor and former vice president, Windmill Dinner Theatre Corporation

Bob was such a many-faceted guy. I would like him to be remembered for the positive things he did with his life. —Charlie Zito, best school friend, Stamford High School, Class of 1946

I say these things that are the flaws are specks on the Parthenon. Let’s look at the Parthenon, and let’s not look at the specks. Let’s lift our eyes up to the man’s eyes and soul and not look down on the gutter. Thanks so much, and Mahalo to you! —Joseph Cosgrove, KPOL (Los Angeles) staff announcer, founder of KTHO (Lake Tahoe, CA), and was one of the first people to welcome Bob Crane to California in 1956

Everybody has so many layers, and so many people [in their life]. There is more than just the top layer. That’s not all anybody is. If all they are doing is condemning [someone] based on an addiction…then they are losing the true picture. To me, truth is the whole picture of something, and if you were to focus on any one thing and blow that up, that’s already a distortion. So I think that’s what you are after. You [are] after the whole picture. Ask me any questions, and I’ll tell you! —Arlene Martel, actress, Hogan’s Heroes

I’m happy to set right a wrong… [Bob Crane was] a true professional. A well-together, fun gentleman. Full of laughs. The most well-adjusted person you’d ever want to meet. I wish you nothing but success [for your book]. —Derek Smith, owner and producer, Celebrity Cooks

Every time I watch a rerun of Hogan’s Heroes, I think of Bob Crane’s radio days, which included WLEA, where I had the pleasure of working many years later. When I was in LA radio, I had the chance to hear Bob Crane. I consider him to be the best radio personality I ever heard. He was marvelous at the microphone and would always do something unexpected, like playing drums. What a kick! He was one of a kind. —Gary Gray, former radio personality, WLEA, Hornell, NY (1960s); KBIG/KBRT (1970-1980), Los Angeles

I want to applaud you in your efforts to shed light on the life of Bob Crane. I wish you all the best in your endeavor, and from the looks of the work that you’ve already done, you are accomplishing a most noble task. Again, I wish you great success. —Ed Begley, Jr., actor, director, and producer

I hope my stories have been helpful to you. We had a lot of stars pass through the portals of The Love Boat, but I do remember Bob with fondness. —Ted Lange, actor and director, The Love Boat

Thank you, because I appreciate something good for a change. Thank you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you’re doing this [book]. I’m very grateful. So thank you. —Cynthia Lynn, actress, Hogan’s Heroes

I’m delighted [to participate in your book]! Good luck. Be brilliant! —Robert Butler, director, Hogan’s Heroes

I’m really happy you’re doing this because I’m really proud of [“Hogan’s Heroes”]. It was one of life’s great experiences. —Jerry London, director, associate producer, and film editor, Hogan’s Heroes

I am really pleased that somebody is doing this. There is a lot to be said about Bob. There were many sides to [him], and not all were bad! —Leo McElroy, KNX booth announcer (1960-1063) and friend

I hope your book’s a big success! —Gordon Mason, KNX general manager of sales (1958-1961)

[Your book] is an upper for Bob. I hope I have helped in some small way for you. —Gary Owens, KMPC morning announcer; Laugh-In performer/actor

I’m glad we had a chance to talk because I want the parts of Bob that I knew and respected to be a part of his life story, and have people think about it. I’m so glad [I was able to help you with this]. You hang in there! Keep looking for the [truth]! There are different parts of all of us! —Maureen Arthur, actress, The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz

There’s been a lot of negative stuff, and I think it would be nice if there were a positive thing about him. You know people say “You’re only as good as your last record,” and it’s sad because you have a whole life here. So why should your legacy be based on what happened at the end? —Bob Maryon, KMPC engineer

Bob was a very classy guy and universally nice to everyone. It’s been delightful chatting away with you both. I think you may do a real service in showing that somebody can be a little bit wounded in his or her life and yet have a huge success and everybody adore, and really not deserve what happened to them. People need to see the whole picture. Anybody deserves that. And we’re into this with you! —Tom Thornton (KNX salesman) and Diane Thornton (KNX librarian)

I salute your good intentions regarding writing about the “whole man,” rather than the sexual compulsiveness for which he is better known. —Jim French, writer and producer, Imagination Theatre, Jim French Productions

Bob was a witty and talented man, and I liked him. But all the sensationalism, all the salacious stuff, that’s all anybody cared about. I’m very happy you’re doing a very positive book about him. —Jane L. Golden, Stamford High School, Class of 1946

To have known Bob has been a privilege of mine. May God bless you in all of your efforts to clear his memory. —Eric Ericson, Stamford High School, Class of 1946

I am constantly amazed that such false and exaggerated rumors are generated about celebrated people and have such an extended lifespan. Good luck and success on your endeavor to restore Bob’s dignity and good name. —Nathan W. Gottfried, Stamford High School, Class of 1946

What a splendid idea you have developed [to write this book]! A chance for a much-deserved redemption for the life of an all-American lad who deserved it but didn’t have the opportunity to explain… —Doris Sidney Leidecker, Stamford High School, Class of 1946