Everyone has a life story worth discovering.
Bob Crane is no exception.

For over a decade and through the recollections of more than two hundred prominent individuals, we explored Bob Crane’s entire life. We talked with members of his family; his friends as far back as grade school; .his colleagues in radio, television, theatre, and film; and the person who was helping him overcome his addiction.

We were astonished by what we learned. Bob Crane was not just Colonel Hogan, a murder victim, or a headline. He was a person—simply a human being—no different than you or me. In fact, there was so much more to Bob than what has been presented in the media since his death—and most of it is not only good, but it is exceptionally good. With the proper perspective, and without conjecture or media glare, we are able to provide a better understanding of who Bob Crane really was.

Our Internet presence started as Vote For Bob Crane, the official campaign for Bob’s recognition in the National Radio Hall of Fame and Hollywood Walk of Fame. Our work now includes the publication our book, Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography, and our podcasts, Flipside: The True Story of Bob Crane and 'Hogan's Heroes' Revue. Because our work on behalf of Bob Crane is all-encompassing, we have adjusted our title to Bob Crane: Life & Legacy.

All those affiliated with our work are volunteers, and all author profits from sales of Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography either go back into supporting our projects or are donated to various charities in Bob’s memory.

Take some time and discover Bob Crane’s complete life story. The truth may surprise you!