The Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton, Ohio, is the official and permanent home of the authentic Hogan’s Heroes artifact and prop collection. These include signature props, such as Colonel Hogan’s entire uniform (partly donated by Robert Scott Crane), Colonel Klink’s uniform, Sergeant Schultz’s uniform, the iconic coffee pot/receiver, and one of Klink’s robes. More Hogan’s Heroes artifacts and props are being acquired by the museum on a regular basis. The Hogan’s Heroes collection is on permanent, year-round display at the Liberty Aviation Museum and will never be rotated off the display floor and put into storage. Although rare, the Hogan’s Heroes collection will occasionally be off-site for display at events where the museum is featured, so call ahead if you are planning a visit.

We have established a terrific partnership with the Liberty Aviation Museum. Carol Ford is an often-invited guest of the museum, where she gives presentations about Bob Crane’s life and holds book signings for Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography. Author profits from sales of the book through the Liberty Aviation Museum are donated to the museum, and the book is available for sale in the gift shop.

We encourage you to discover all that the Liberty Aviation Museum has to offer. Please support them by visiting them in person, and/or by donating directly to the museum or shopping in their online gift shop.

Above photo by Maggie Elice Turner.