While it is generally well known that Bob Crane “got his start” in radio before he became known as Colonel Hogan on Hogan’s Heroes, what is not as well known is how instrumental he was in shaping the world of broadcasting. Innovative, cutting edge, and way ahead of his time, Bob Crane has been called a radio genius by those who worked with him and knew him well.

Bob Crane’s work in radio spans several decades. Below is his official broadcasting resume, compiled after extensive research using original documentation, including Bob Crane’s resume and recorded airchecks, many graciously donated by Scott Crane.

Bob did things in radio that had rarely, if ever, been done before, such as getting special dispensation from the Broadcast Engineers Union to play his own records and talking over a record track to introduce the song. Advertisers paid top dollar for airtime to have their products “roasted” by Bob, and celebrities clamored for the chance to be interviewed by him. According to KNX, Bob Crane was “the wildest, funniest morning program in radio. Besides keeping you posted on sig-alerts, weather, sports, and the best of the ‘good’ music, Bob Crane pokes fun at just about everybody, including his boss, his sponsors, and his guests. He’s the only radio personality. Who hosts leading film and TV stars for live, unrehearsed interviews daily.”

According to those who worked in the sales department at KNX during Bob’s time at the station, there was a premium for advertisers to buy air time on The Bob Crane Show. Further, an advertiser could not just buy time during Bob’s show, but other air time slots were bundled in with his show.

While Bob prepared extensively for his show, everything he did on the air was spontaneous. Nothing was rehearsed. With his unique style of humor and entertainment (that included his music and drumming talents), as well as his drive, ambition, and cheerful character, Bob Crane can be credited for paving the way for radio personalities and disc jockeys for generations to come.

Bob Crane’s posthumous recognition in the Radio Hall of Fame as a Pioneer in the radio/broadcasting industry is long over due. Our official nomination was submitted in 2011 and is officially endorsed by WLEA, WICC, WATR (Waterbury, CT), members of the Columbia Square Alumni Group, and many other organizations and prominent individuals in the radio/broadcasting industry. Bob Crane's official nomination submitted in 2011 remains on file for consideration each year.

Updated March 21, 2023.

KNX Promotional Flyer - c. 1963.